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Whilst it is certainly possible to build a robot using just electro mechanical devices or simple electronics, it is now easy and cost effective to incorporate some form of microprocessor into them. Now, we are not talking about the sort of processor that is in you PC or laptop, but a much smaller simpler device that will typically cost less than 10 and which can be programmed and reprogrammed as often as we like using a variety of software environments.

These microprocessors are the sort of devices that you find in toys that make sounds and flash lights, MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras and all sorts of domestic household devices from toasters to washing machines.

Microprocessors that you are very likely to come across in the UK and which are readily available, include ranges from :




National Semiconductor


You may also have heard of the Arduino, which is an open source specification of an Amtel processor mounted on a board with easy access to the inputs and outputs.